Beaver Swimming

Greg caught this one evening.  Amazing animals!


I find that my thoughts often go to how much needs to be done.  Every once in a while to avoid frustration, I go and look at pictures. We still have a lot to go but we have gotten quite a bit done since we bought the property 1 1/2 years ago.

The following four pictures are taken from the same area of the road.


road (1 of 1) road (1 of 1)-4road (1 of 1)-3


Another spot in the road:

road (1 of 1)-7 (Small)   20130701_144733

Clearing on the side of the road:

road (1 of 1)-2  road (1 of 1)-6 (Small) 20130701_144532


road (1 of 1)-11 (Small)




The barn:

barn (01) barn (4 of 4)

One of our tractors

One of our tractors.


Clearing the Land

Clearing, clearing and more clearing… We can see the sky and ground now – I didn’t think the sky was there before because you couldn’t see it.


The Stream

This is the Roe-Jan that runs through the farm.

The Barn

This is the barn that was on the property.

The Barn